The Christmas Ice Caverns
(since December 1972)

What are the Christmas Ice Caverns?
The “Christmas Ice Caverns” are an Animated children’s display that children walk through and see dozens of storybook displays in a Christmas Themed setting. You can see Disney characters sleigh riding in the snow, Santa’s candy factory, Santa’s reindeer feeding barn, toy story figures, a life-size Nativity, and much, much, more.

Who goes to see the Christmas Ice Caverns?
Simple answer….EVERYONE! The Christmas Ice Caverns have been around for 40 years which means that people coming now are bringing the 3rd generation of children too see what the new year has brought to the Christmas Ice Caverns. We hear on a daily basis: “ my parents brought me here when I was a child, now I’m bringing my child”
Are schools welcome and are appointments needed..?
Yes schools are gladly welcomed, and as a matter of fact, we have schools visiting from all over the tri-state area...special school discounts available
Is there a charge?
Yes, there is a $3.99 charge to enter the Christmas Ice Caverns.
So Bring your family this year and start a new HOLIDAY TRADITION!
The Ice Caverns!!!
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Ice Cavern Hours
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